The George S. Coyne Chemical Co., Inc. is a diversified distributor of chemicals and chemical services. Chemicals are purchased nationwide from over 100 manufacturers and suppliers and distributed primarily throughout the Northeastern United States to a wide range of industrial manufacturing, and municipal markets.

Coyne Chemical traces its roots to a company founded by George S. Coyne in 1868 that was incorporated in 1920 in the state of Delaware. At the time of its founding, the company imported dyestuffs and other chemicals from England and Germany. The manufactured and imported chemicals were brought into Philadelphia by boat and were carried by horse and wagon to a warehouse on Front Street near Market Street. These chemicals were sold to a variety of business establishments, such as leather tanners, the textile industry, ship chandlers, and platers. Company offices were located on Church Street, between Front and Second Streets, near Christ Church in the "Olde City" section of Philadelphia.

George S. Coyne directed the company's activities until his death in 1914, when his son, James K. Coyne, who until then was a Chemistry professor at the Old Central High School for Boys, became president. He moved the business to 114 Walnut Street, and subsequently relocated Coyne Chemical to the North American rail corridor in 1951. James K. Coyne died in 1964, and was succeeded by his son James K. Coyne, Jr. He remained President until 1974, when he assumed the title of Chairman and was succeeded as President by his oldest son, James K. Coyne, III. Jim remained President until his resignation on December 31, 1979 to assume the duties of the United States Congressman representing the 8th District of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. His brother, Charles C. Coyne, Secretary and General Council, became Chairman of the Management Committee from 1980 to 1987. During his service, Charlie finalized the company's first expansion and subsequently relocated to the business to its current headquarters. On January 1, 1986, Thomas H. Coyne, Sr. became the current President and CEO. Their father; James K. Coyne, Jr.; remained Chairman until his death on July 4, 1987.

In 1972, Coyne Chemical relocated to a larger facility on Comly Street and the Delaware River. At that time, the Company employed a total 15 people and had annual sales of 1.75 million dollars. In 1984, Coyne Chemical moved to its current headquarters in Croydon, Pennsylvania. Our company has grown to include additional facilities in Paterson, New Jersey; Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania; and Reading, Pennsylvania. Today, the Company has a staff of over 120 employees who can provide all the services required to benefit our customers. Currently, sales are in excess of 70 million dollars, which ranks Coyne Chemical among the premier distributors in the North American market and a leader in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Coyne Chemical became the first full line chemical distributor to receive ISO9002 certification from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc in 1993. This certification, when coupled with our complete commitment to the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) Responsible Distribution Process establishes the framework (with third party confirmation) for continuous improvement and for accomplishing our goal as stated in our Quality Assurance Statement to "Receive, Store, Package, and Ship Product and Services Which Meet Our Customers' Requirements." We continue to provide the high quality of customer service on which our reputation has been built.